Discover the Beauty of Natural Stones with Ronak International in Dubai UAE

Welcome to Ronak International, where elegance meets durability. We specialize in providing exquisite marble and granite solutions that redefine spaces with timeless beauty and unmatched quality. Discover the perfect blend of sophistication and strength for your projects with our premium selection.


Discover the world of exquisite marble with Ronak International your one stop solution for unparalleled elegance. Sourcing from marble rich regions like Italy Greece Spain Vietnam Portugal Turkey China and India we bring a global palette of natural splendor to your doorstep


Our granite boasts unparalleled quality, showcasing unique patterns and durable characteristics. meticulously sourced from Norway, India, Brazil, and Egypt, exclusively curated for Ronak International.


Embrace the eco-freindly allure of quartz tailored in our unit keeping in mind the Luxurious needs of your home . We ensure its low-impact extraction and Sustainable and energy-efficient transformation. in harmony with the environment.


Elevate your Interior with the timeless allure of onyx. Our organization prides itself on precision and quality. From raw elegance to refined beauty, our commitment to craftsmanship shines through in every product, embodying the sophistication that onyx brings to the world.


Our Travertine Collection transforms your space into a sanctuary of sculpted beauty. Welcome to a world where your floors and walls become canvases for a masterpiece.Each slab reflects the Rustic and Polished Quality.


Introducing our Ceramic and full body Collection – where each piece is a brushstroke of sophistication on the canvas.Tailored for all your designing needs.We ensure the availability in multiple sizes,designs,quality and textures.

How Is Your Visual Identity?

Choose the perfect material for your kitchen, bathroom and other living spaces at Ronak International, one of UAE pioneers in natural stone production. We proudly offer an extensive catalog of over 199 colors and thousands of stone.


With a legacy spanning 47 years, Ronak Group has achieved global success and is now poised to make a significant mark in the UAE market with our exclusive stone collection. As we step into the Middle East, our focus extends beyond business to champion sustainability and inspire the next generation to embrace eco-friendly practices. Ronak International is more than a mere company; it embodies a commitment to elevate spaces into unparalleled experiences. Our vision is crystal clear — to deliver luxury surfaces, renowned for premium quality, elegance, and client satisfaction. Our goal is to craft not just spaces, but enduring works of art that transcend time.

- Ronak,MD (Ronak International)


Explore the art and science of natural stone finishes in 'Beyond the Quarry! From polished elegance to textured allure, witness the transformative craftsmanship that turns raw stone into architectural marvels.

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Core Values:
Guiding Principles for Excellence

Unveiling unwavering dedication to Quality Excellence, a Customer-Centric Approach, Integrity, constant Innovation, and Sustainability. Experience craftsmanship that tells a story of commitment, transparency, creativity, and responsibility.

Quality Excellence

At Ronak International, we unwaveringly dedicate ourselves to Quality Excellence. Our craftsmanship reflects this commitment, ensuring that each slab meets the highest standards. Our passion for excellence extends beyond products to exceptional customer service, setting us apart as a trusted leader in the stone and marble industry.

Customer Centric Approach

A Customer Centric Approach is at the heart of everything we do. Prioritizing our clients' needs, we exceed expectations through personalized consultations and tailored solutions. Our commitment to a customer-centric mindset goes beyond transactions, promising to build lasting relationships. We listen, adapt, and go the extra mile, making every experience with us as remarkable as the timeless beauty of our products.


Integrity is the reflection of our identity at Ronak International. Upholding unwavering ethical standards, we prioritize transparency, honesty, and accountability in every facet of our business. Our commitment extends to environmentally responsible practices and fair dealings with all stakeholders, defining our company culture.


We embrace constant Innovation, going beyond industry boundaries to seek creative solutions. Our commitment is reflected in cutting-edge designs, advanced production techniques, and sustainable practices. Innovation is not just a value; it's the driving force shaping the future of our craftsmanship.


Sustainability is woven into our core values. Deeply committed to environmentally responsible practices, we prioritize sustainability at every stage, from sourcing raw materials to minimizing waste and energy consumption. Our dedication extends to creating products that stand the test of time, promoting a circular economy and preserving the planet for generations to come.