Experience the timeless elegance of natural stones with a polished finish, showcasing a glossy surface that enhances the stone's inherent beauty and depth.


Achieve a subtle, matte sophistication with a honed finish on natural stones, providing a smooth texture that radiates understated luxury and complements various design aesthetics.


Unveil the rustic charm of natural stones in an Antico finish, where a weathered surface and aged patina evoke a sense of history, adding character and warmth to any space.


Elevate your surroundings with the tactile allure of a brushed finish, revealing the natural texture of stones through gentle abrasion, resulting in a surface that is both inviting and contemporary.


Embrace the grandeur of a Chateau finish, where the stone's surface is meticulously treated to exude a regal, time-worn appeal, reminiscent of the noble elegance found in historic estates.


Infuse your space with the casual sophistication of a Maison finish, a blend of smoothness and subtle texture that creates an inviting atmosphere, perfect for both modern and traditional interiors.